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Branding | E-commerce | Digital Marketing | Automation | AR/VR | Video Production | 360° Marketing and Beyond!

I am an award-winning multifaceted Marketing Manager with strong marketing technology background and expertise in multiple industries. Performance-driven having in-depth and hands-on experience of B2B/B2C, ATL/BTL, 360° Marketing, Digital Marketing including E-commerce, SEO/SEM; achieving the best ROI. Proven talent for creating strategic marketing solutions, lucrative marketing campaigns, analyze market scenarios, understanding of marketing metrics with an aggressive drive for researching opportunities.

  • Indian
  • 36
  • Ajman, UAE
  • MBA - Marketing
  • Himalayan University, India
  • yusuf.mem@gmail.com
  • +971 50 5067 353
  • English, Hindi, Gujarati
  • Profile


  • Digital Marketing

    E-commerce, Website, Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO/SEM/SMM, Analytics, Mobile Apps, Email/SMS Marketing, E-newsletters, Landing Pages, AR/VR, CRM, UI/UX

  • Brand Management

    Brand Positioning, Branding Strategies, Branding Guidelines

  • Product Marketing

    Product Positioning, Product Launch

  • Trade Marketing

    Trade Shows, In-store Branding, In-store Promotions, POS, Shop-in-shop/Shop-in-store, Product Displays

  • Market Research

    Market Intelligence, Research and Development

  • Planning

    Budgeting, Planning, Reporting


Software Skills

  • Vector/Motion Graphics

    Major Vector, Motion Graphics Software, Plug-ins & Tools

    (Illustrator, After Effects, Corel Draw, etc.)

  • Publication

    Most Publication Software

    (InDesign, QuarkXpress, etc.)

  • Photo/Video Editing

    Major Photo/Video Editing & Compositing Software, Plug-ins & Tools

    (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.)

  • 3D Graphics

    3D Graphics and Rendering Software

    (3DS Max, VRay, etc.)

  • Office

    Microsoft Office (VBA programming in Excel)

  • PDF Forms

    Most PDF Software

    (Acrobat, PDF Studio, etc.)


Website, Email & Admin

  • Domain, Email Exchange

    DNS Management, Email Exchange Management (Microsoft)

  • Server Management

    Apache Server and MySQL Database Management

  • CMS

    WordPress, Magento, Shopify

    (I can create websites as well)



  • Front End

    HTML, Javascript, CSS

  • Back End

    PHP, MySQL, Basic Python

  • Other

    AS3 (OOP), VBA (moderate)

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  • The highest award given by the company on yearly basis. Was honored for building e-commerce website entirely in-house and implementing successful Digital Marketing strategies that contributed over 1 million AED in savings!

  • The department got this award for building e-commerce website entirely in-house and implementing successful Digital Marketing strategies that contributed over 1 million AED in savings!

  • Was given this award for strenthening the brand positioning in the market by executing trade marketing strategies.

  • Was given this award for creating, implementing and executing branding guidelines and strategies; and completely redesigning marketing collaterals.

  • The award was given by the Asian Customer Engagement Forum & Awards in 2014 in India for creating then-region's first smart application RAK's Smart Design



  • Incorporated the internal ERP's database with online database and built an online platform (web app) to generate technical submittal online in merely few minutes. The generated content, being inline with the company's branding guidelines, also provides direct links to the product pgae on the website.

    Link to the site: Click here

    I also developed a system that generates advanced Technical Datasheet of products automatically, the Technical Datasheet features direct links to product as well as QR code. Click here to see the Datasheet of one of the products.

    Currently, visitors are blocked to register on the website, if you want me to share with you the demo credentials, kindly get in touch with me through the contact page.

  • Completely redesiged, and migrated and converted the then-existing KLUDI RAK Website to an e-commerce site during global pandemic caused by COVID-19 in the year 2020 entirely in-house. Also updated the content, adeed over 1200+ new products with more than 1500 Technical Datasheet PDFs and more than 3000 images while continually updating the stock quantities at a regular interval.

    The site went to generate over a million AED in sales within 1.5 years.

  • Conceptualized and launched the first Augmented Reality app in the sanitary ware industry in GCC region during The Big 5 Dubai exhibition in 2015, "Forsan Live". The app featured all Forsan Ceramics' sanitary ware models in AR format, also provided technical description and other necessary information.

  • Conceptualized, designed, coded, implemented and executed the first touch-screen app in Middle East for tiling layouts, deployed on 55" LED TV and installed across UAE in 2012 to 2013. The app featured most RAK Ceramics' then tiles collection and provided numerous tools such as different tiling layout, creating tiling theme based on the layout, product description, area calculator and many others. The app was also offered to RAK Ceramics' business partners and was available on Apple Store for iPads and PCs. Because of its unique features and leading the industry in Digital field, the app went on to grab the Silver Award in Innovation category by Asian Customer Engagement Forum & Awards in 2014.


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